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5 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews.

Patient Testimonial by Joyce A

My son & I had the best experience here! We drove 4 hours (round trip) for son to have a tooth pulled and it was definitely worth the trip. My 13 year old went as far to say that "he really enjoyed it". We will be making this trip anytime a family member needs to see an oral surgeon.

- Joyce A

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Patient Testimonial by Mary H

I'm grateful that this office is located so close to home for me. Dr. Hitchan relieved so much pain for me by extracting my wisdom teeth and his extensive knowledge of the subject helped guide me to a quick and effective recovery. Diane went above and beyond in comforting me before, during, and after my procedure. Going into surgery had me terribly anxious, but Diane talked me through all of my worries. She stayed by my side every moment that I needed her and checked on me constantly, ensuring that I was comfortable and feeling okay. I felt so calm and safe having her there with me. Even after my surgery, Dr. Hitchan personally called to check on me, which made me feel like more than just another surgery or another patient. I knew that he genuinely cared about my recovery, which is so rare to find in a doctor. The care I was given by this office is unlike anywhere else. Dr. Hitchan and his staff are exemplary medical professionals and I am so grateful for everything they have done for me and my family.

- Mary H

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Patient Testimonial by Julia S

Very good experience and happy with the results

- Julia S

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Patient Testimonial by Susan L

The entire process from the initial appointment to the actual surgery was handled professionally and efficiently. The team, specifically Diane, contacted all insurance carriers prior to the procedure and provided an estimate of the out of pocket costs, including different scenarios that may occur so no "surprises" regarding out of pocket expenses were reviewed. Prior to surgery, 2 calls from Diane were received to review pre & post op protocol. Prescriptions were mailed prior to surgery day. We filled prior to day of surgery and did not have to be concerned with on day of surgery. We were able to focus on post-op protocol, recovery and healing. On day of surgery, team were very comforting to my daughter who was anxious about procedure. All were supportive and patient with her. After surgery, Dr. Hitchan and Diane reviewed what was performed, what to expect and to contact them if any issues or questions arose. The post-op handout provided is a great reference tool and was of value. Overall I highly recommend Dr. Hitchan and his team for any oral procedure needed. They are truly AMAZING! Thanks to all for your professionalism, support and caring, it is very much appreciated.

- Susan L

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Patient Testimonial by Brooke B

I am so afraid of the dentist but my visit to get my wisdom teeth out was the most comfortable and relaxed experience. They knew exactly how to make me calm and I was in and out in no time !

- Brooke B

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Patient Testimonial by James M

Dr. Hitchan's knowledge, skill, and personal care quickly eased my anxiety about oral surgery. His select and well-trained staff and his office and setting added to a sense of trust and peace with each visit. Instead of dreading appointments, I actually looked forward to them! My extraction, bone graft, and implant went remarkably well, and I highly recommend this extraordinary doctor to any oral surgery patient.

- James M

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Patient Testimonial by Kathleen Y

We haven't even visited the office yet, but do you know how first impressions are typically so accurate? I am so impressed with the courtesy and kindness of the young lady that answered the phone and made an appointment for my 90 year old dad. I can see why there are only excellent reviews already!

- Kathleen Y

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Patient Testimonial by Mary Ann D

Dr. Hitchan was a compassionate and kind surgeon! I have been to several dentists because of my dental issues and I have never seen such state-of-the-art options for bone grafting and socket preservation. Dr. Hitchan's demeanor, bed side manner, and professionalism was outstanding and his work- impeccable. I'm only a few days out from surgery and my surgical site looks really great and the pain is minimal. The doctor even called me himself the night of the surgery to see how I was doing! I would recommend him to anyone who is considering dental implants. I'll be going back for more restorative work.

- Mary Ann D

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