Patient Testimonial by Susan L

The entire process from the initial appointment to the actual surgery was handled professionally and efficiently. The team, specifically Diane, contacted all insurance carriers prior to the procedure and provided an estimate of the out of pocket costs, including different scenarios that may occur so no "surprises" regarding out of pocket expenses were reviewed. Prior to surgery, 2 calls from Diane were received to review pre & post op protocol. Prescriptions were mailed prior to surgery day. We filled prior to day of surgery and did not have to be concerned with on day of surgery. We were able to focus on post-op protocol, recovery and healing. On day of surgery, team were very comforting to my daughter who was anxious about procedure. All were supportive and patient with her. After surgery, Dr. Hitchan and Diane reviewed what was performed, what to expect and to contact them if any issues or questions arose. The post-op handout provided is a great reference tool and was of value. Overall I highly recommend Dr. Hitchan and his team for any oral procedure needed. They are truly AMAZING! Thanks to all for your professionalism, support and caring, it is very much appreciated.

- Susan L

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